Chulo Records


New York Latin Soul

When Chulo Records founder Jacob Plasse began recording New York's top Latin talent live to analog tape, most of the musicians thought he was crazy. "They hadn't seen an album recorded this way in 30 years," Plasse explains. "But when we listened to playback their jaws would drop. The feeling of those Barretto and Fania records were there again. You could hear the interaction of the musicians and the intensity that creates in the rhythm."

Four years later Chulo Records continues to focus on the true artistry of Afro-Latin music, releasing Son/Charanga albums by Los Hacheros, classic New York salsa from Melaza and the Afro-Latin funk of Peliroja. using the classic sounds of the past these artists create music that is rooted in tradition yet undeniably contemporary, eschewing the slick, airbrushed sound of modern Latin music for a more gritty, visceral sound.

Chulo Records is incredibly proud to add Flor de Toloache to their roster. The new album, "Las Caras Lindas", is a revolution in the sound of mariachi music, expanding its horizons while maintaining the artistry and beauty that is at the music's core.

"There will always be a hunger for music that speaks to something deeper than what pop culture is currently selling", says Plasse. "And that's really the guiding principle: making music true to what we love."